Inside Outside by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska

Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska Creates The Inside Outside Residential Garden

Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska, the creator of the award winning work Residential Garden by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska explains, Garden adjacent to the glass facade of a private residence. The challenge was to create a garden that will be associated with the interior of the living room, which will become its extension, will allow you to commune with nature. Greenery must fulfill aesthetic roles, but also block the view from the street, so that the residents have a sense of privacy inside the home. The central location of the window means that the garden must be interesting during the 4 seasons. In addition, in summer, the plants must give shade, and in the winter allow sunlight to the interior of the dining room. .

Inside Outside by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska Images:


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